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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.​
Folder: EnrolmentsEnrolmentsEnrolments
Folder: Reports and AuditsReports and AuditsReports and Audits
Folder: Rules and PoliciesRules and PoliciesRules and Policies
2017 - Prep Booklist.pdf2017 - Prep Booklist211 KB
2017 - Year 1 Booklist.pdf2017 - Year 1 Booklist248 KB
2017 - Year 1 Green and Purple Booklist.pdf2017 - Year 1 Green and Purple Booklist246 KB
2017 - Year 2-3 Booklist.pdf2017 - Year 2-3 Booklist265 KB
2017 - Year 3 Booklist.pdf2017 - Year 3 Booklist237 KB
2017 - Year 4 Booklist.pdf2017 - Year 4 Booklist234 KB
2017 - Year 5 Booklist.pdf2017 - Year 5 Booklist224 KB
2017 - Year 6 Booklist.pdf2017 - Year 6 Booklist212 KB
ICAS 2018.pdfICAS 2018587 KB
ICAS registration form.oxpsICAS registration form675 KB
school banking volunteer flyer.pdfschool banking volunteer flyer31 KB
Tuckshop Winter Menu 2018.pdfTuckshop Winter Menu 2018409 KB
Summer Menu Term1 2019.docxSummer Menu Term1 2019243 KB
Summer Menu Term1 2019.pdfSummer Menu Term1 2019648 KB
Term 1 2019 Uniform Order form.pdfTerm 1 2019 Uniform Order form81 KB
Winter Menu Term 2 2019.pdfWinter Menu Term 2 2019646 KB
2016-annual-report -dakabinss_1988.pdf2016 Annual Report - Dakabin SS2016-annual-report -dakabinss_1988240 KB
2017-prospectus-may-update.pdf2017 Prospectus May Update2017-prospectus-may-update1777 KB
Enrolment Application.pdfEnrolment Application effective April 2017Enrolment Application1917 KB
Prep Information Booklet 2017.pdfPrep Information Booklet 2017Prep Information Booklet 20173353 KB
Responsible Behaviour Pl_20170915140235.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan 2016-2018 (Ver 3)Responsible Behaviour Pl_201709151402353231 KB
school-enrolment-management-plan.pdfSchool enrolment management planschool-enrolment-management-plan99 KB
SIU - Dakabin State School Executive Summary 2016.pdfSchool Review Executive SummarySIU - Dakabin State School Executive Summary 2016335 KB
Tuckshop Menu_Winter 2017.pdfTuckshop Menu - Winter 2017Tuckshop Menu_Winter 2017253 KB
Tuckshop Menu 2018.pdfTuckshop Menu 2018Tuckshop Menu 2018373 KB
Uniform Shop Order form.pdfUniform Shop Order FormUniform Shop Order form59 KB
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